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Our Expertise In Concrete Resurfacing

Driveway Resurfacing

Beautiful Custom 

Driveway Resurfacing, 

will give a home a 

wonderful makeover.

Walkway Resurfacing

Enhance your houses walkways to create a unique eye catching feature to your home, that all will enjoy.


Front Porch & Back Patio Resurfacing

The front porch is the first thing guests see, let's make you and them fall in love with it.  

Love spending time on the back patio relaxing and entertaining, we can give it the 

makeover it needs.


Residential Concrete 

Demolition & Installation


Extend outside areas on patios and

pool decks with new concrete pours.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Is your pool deck looking worn and old?  Let us repair and makeover all your pool deck resurfacing needs. 


Long lasting, low maintenance solution to your concrete garage floors


Garage Floor

Epoxy Chip & Flake

Additional Services

Stone Coat Concrete Coatings offers a multitude of additional concrete coping repairs, expansion joint repairs and stone cleaning services.  We take pride in offering these additional services to our customers who are looking to upgrade their current or new pool decks, back patios, driveways, front porches, back patios and all walkways and sidewalks.

Stairs that underwent stone cleaning

Stone Cleaning

When you have a stone pool deck and you see black algae that won’t come out, even with the pressure washing. Call us. We apply a stone cleaner with an algae eating enzyme that within two weeks will have all your stones looking bright and new. This along with stone and mortar repair will have your stone looking like new again.

mastic caulking in expansion joints

Mastic Caulking

Expansion joints on driveways, back patios or other areas sometimes have wood joints that rot out. Water flows into these voids and can wash out the soil under the concrete and cause movement. Have SCCC install sanded mastic caulking.

concrete pool coping

Concrete Pool Coping / Cantilever

Remove that old stained, flaking coping and install a new concrete cantilever. Old coping stone on your pool can show cracking and pitting, and weather can really ruin the look of your pool. Gone forever are the problems of flaking stone or algae stains around your pool edge.

SCCC will remove the coping taking care to not cause damage to your pool tile or plaster, then will install concrete forms made to bend with the shape of your pool, concrete rebar will be installed and concrete will be poured. 

This is an attractive and permanent solution to the problems of natural stone.  With a beautiful concrete cantilever installed there is zero maintenance required. Stone Coat Concrete Coatings specializes in concrete coping installation. 

What our customers are saying

I recently had work done from Stone Coat and they knocked it out of the park. Charles was extremely responsive and was great with communication. His crew was very meticulous, professional and their hard work speaks volumes for their attention to detail. I would highly recommend Stone Coat Concrete Coatings for any cement, pool deck, and pool coping needs.

Joseph Kozy

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